Monday, May 17, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a hospital that made you believe in more than yourself.  It made you believe that great things are possible.  And that ordinary human beings can accomplish great things with just the touch of another human being.

It's simple.  Lets make a difference for one another.
You speak up and I'll speak up.
You lend a hand, I lend a hand.
You encourage, and I will encourage...
And you may just c h a n g e  s o m e o n e' s  l i f e

In life, I have noticed that there is nothing more powerful than one person making a difference for another. 

Selfless. Loving. Inspiring.
And sometimes, one voice can be the catalyst that changes the WORLD!

Exercise your ability to touch another persons life.

You might just change y-o-u

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